PhotoSnack has just been launched

The feedback

After less than 24 hours since we’ve officially launched PhotoSnack, the first feedback is coming into our view. You can read some of it at:

Cocktail de Web News
Wwwhat’s new
Tip and Tricks di Computer

and many more articles, comments and tweets we haven’t found about yet.
We’re appreciating your feedback very much. We find it very useful and relevant, and it makes us feel confident about the future of this new-born service. Thank you.

The big picture

PhotoSnack is a photo sharing service that allows you to upload photos, choose and customize a template, and share the final slideshow with the world. It’s very easy. PhotoSnack is BannerSnack‘s younger brother, both being part of the SnackTools family of web apps.

The SnackTools account

The fun part is that if you own a BannerSnack account, you can use your account information to login to PhotoSnack. Both BannerSnack and PhotoSnack accounts are actually SnackTools accounts, meaning that you need to sign up only once and then use all the current and future SnackTools apps without the hassle of creating a new account for each of them.

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