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Notice: We are sorry to inform you that Photosnack has been discontinued,
but you can create similar slideshows in Bannersnack.

For more information, please read this article on our Help page.


How does it work?


Upload photos from Facebook,
Google Photos, Instagram and more


Choose from lots of
stylish templates


Share and embed your
photo slideshows easily

Photo sharing made easy

PhotoSnack is probably the best free slideshow maker and an incredibly easy app you can use to make slideshows with music. Choose PhotoSnack to share the important moments in your life with friends and family.

Photo albums and online portfolios for photographers

If you’re a professional photographer, PhotoSnack is perfect for you, because it helps you create elegant slideshows to showcase your art. PhotoSnack photo portfolios can be easily shared on social media or embedded in websites. Let the world see the beauty of your creations!

Responsive sliders for websites

PhotoSnack lets you make HTML5 slideshows that are fully compatible with mobile devices. Start from a responsive slideshow template and create a widget that can be easily embedded in websites and blogs.
Yes, you just have to copy + paste the embed code!

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