Life Events Slideshows

The special events in life. Memorable moments that you fondly keep coming back to for years and years. Photos are what help us remember the details of these events.
Do you have a good stock of photographs taken at some of the most important events in your life? What better way to share them with your friends and family than by making a captivating slideshow with an expertly chosen background song. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduation or school events; compile all your memories into a great slideshow.
Why use Photosnack?
Easy to Create
Make a slideshow in just a few minutes. Simply add your photos, select a template, effect and music and you're done.
Easy to Use
Photosnack let's you create, edit, share, embed or download your slideshow without having to install any software.
Easy to Share
Share your slideshow on Facebook, Twitter or upload it on YouTube if you decide to go with a photo video slideshow.