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Most common issues

Watermark and Limitations

1. What are the free version's limitations?
The free version of PhotoSnack is limited to 15 pictures per slideshow with watermark. Also free items are limited to 10000 views/day.


1. Is PhotoSnack free or do I have to pay for it?
PhotoSnack is free and you have full access to all of its features. However, if you want to remove the watermark from your slideshows and have more than 15 images in your slideshow, you will have to pay 10 points to get access to the premium embed code for your slideshow.
You can buy points here.
Alternatively, you can get a Snack VIP membership which technically gives you premium access to all PhotoSnack features.
2. I don’t understand the points system. Can you explain it?
SnackTools points are the only currency you need to pay for the premium features throughout our applications. Points are required when you want to publish your work, the final step in PhotoSnack. More precisely, you will need to pay if you wish to get a watermark-free embed. You can buy 10 points (to activate premium embed for 1 photo slideshow) or you can purchase points in bulk. SnackTools points never expire so you can use them on current and future projects without concern for an expiration date.
Read more about it here: here.
3. What is the difference between points and the Snack VIP subscription?
With points you can unlock premium features for your widget and it will stay premium forever. You can only edit your PhotoSnack for 24h when you unlock it with points. The Snack VIP subscription gives you unlimited points (for all SnackTools applications) for as long as it’s active. When (or if) it expires, all your widgets will be watermarked. Any unused points that you might have before getting a Snack VIP subscription will remain available to use after the subscription becomes inactive.
Read more about points and Snack VIP here.
4. How many points do I need to buy? How much does 1 photo slideshow cost?
You can use PhotoSnack for free, but you need 10 points to remove the watermark off your photo slideshow. You can buy points here.
Alternatively, you can get a Snack VIP membership which technically gives you premium access to all PhotoSnack features.
5. What happens when my subscription expires?
The membership is automatically renewed. However, if you choose to cancel your subscription or if your payment processor refuses the payment, your subscription, and the premium options will expire. In that case, the premium publishing options will become locked and you won't be able to use them unless you unlock them with points or get a new subscription. If your monthly subscription expires and you don't wish to renew it, you can use points to unlock the desired items (which will stay unlocked forever). Also, if you do not renew in 30 days, each photo that is over the 15 images limit per slideshow, gets deleted from our servers.


1. I have upgraded to Premium. Why does the watermark still show on my photo slideshow?
Try clearing the cache from your web browser and refreshing the page. That should do the trick, but if there are still issues, contact us.
2. My PhotoSnack doesn’t work on Internet Explorer.
The new PhotoSnack is 100% HTML5, so the slideshows will only work on HTML5 compatible browsers. Older versions of Internet Explorer (including Internet Explorer 8) don’t support HTML5, so our slideshows won’t work on these browsers.
If you’re keen on using Internet explorer, you need to make sure you’re using Internet Explorer 9 in standard mode and not in Internet Explorer 8 mode or compatibility view. Press F12 to open the developer window, from the browser mode combo box and select Internet Explorer 9. This will solve your problem.
3. Why has my slideshow turned into a static image?
This happens when you exceed the maximum number of views/day allowed by your subscription plan (10 000 views for free users and 25 000 for PRO and Snack VIP users. The Snack Business plan has different options - starting at 50 000 views/day/slideshow)


1. What kind of files can I use with PhotoSnack?
You can upload JPG, GIF or PNG formats, or you can import pictures from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket and SmugMug. Also, for the background music you can upload mp3 music files.
2. How many photos can I add to a PhotoSnack slideshow?
You can add as many photos as you want to your slideshows but the free version will display only the first 15. Upgrade to the premium version to display up to 100 images/slideshow.
3. How many photo albums can I create?
It doesn’t matter if you’re a free or premium user, you can create as many as you want!
4. Can I download my slideshows?
Only if you’re a premium user.
5. Can I get permanent links for individual photos from the slideshow?
No, you can’t get a permanent link to a certain photo uploaded on PhotoSnack. At least not for the moment.
6. Can I add links inside my slideshow?
After you upload your images, just click “edit photos” and you will see the option for adding links for each photo from your album.
7. Is there a maximum size for my photos?
The file size limit is 10MB.
8. Can I add background music to my photo slideshows?
We have a selection of 30 tracks to choose from, but you can also upload mp3 music files from your computer.
9. How can I edit image titles and descriptions?
You can edit titles and descriptions for photos individually, after you upload (step 1). Just click “edit photos” or “edit all” at step 2.
10. Can I use old templates?
If you have used PhotoSnack in the past and you have some albums created before we changed PhotoSnack to HTML5, you can go to an old album and click “Edit as new” which will make a copy of your existing album. Delete all content, upload new photos and you will have a new album using an old template.

System requirements

1. What are the system requirements for using PhotoSnack properly?
In order for PhotoSnack.com to display correctly we recommend Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. PhotoSnack.com will work on Microsoft IE9 too. You must have JavaScript enabled.

Publishing and sharing

1. What happens if I don't publish my slideshow?
You will always find the latest version of your slideshows on "My PhotoSnack" page.
2. How do I share a slideshow?
Sharing a PhotoSnack slideshow is very easy! You can share the permanent link to your photo slideshow or integrate it in your website - find these options on "My PhotoSnack" page:
- Public link - Share this link directly with your friends to give them the opportunity to see your beautiful slideshow.
- Email - share your slideshow by email. Click the send email button and select your email provider.
- Embed code - copy the embed code and the paste it into the HTML code of any website that supports embeddable content.
3. I have a Facebook page. How do I post to that?
Use the "Post to Facebook" button located on "My photosnack" page, in the Share/ Embed/ Download section or just copy and paste the direct link on your Facebook timeline.
4. Once I published a slideshow, will I be able to edit it again?
Yes, you will find the latest version of the slideshow on "My PhotoSnack" page. You can edit the slideshow for as many times as you like, however, once you activate the premium features you will have 24 hours left to make changes to the published slideshow (then it will become locked for editing). If you have an active PRO or Snack VIP membership you can edit slideshows for as long as you want without limitations.
5. How do I embed a slideshow into my blog or website?
Photosnack slideshows are very easy to embed. Just copy the "Embed code" and paste it in any HTML-supporting medium, such as your website or blog. If you make changes to your slideshow, the changes will automatically appear throughout all websites/blogs where you used the slideshow.
Here are some articles on how you can embed PhotoSnack albums in different types of websites:


1. Is PhotoSnack suited for professional photographers?
Yes. You can create cool online slideshows in minutes and share them with your clients or on your personal blog or Facebook page. PhotoSnack it's a great way to show your pictures to the world because all slideshow display beautifully on any mobile devices.
2. I’m interested in an affiliation or referral program. How can I contact you?
For partnerships, affiliation or private issues regarding your accounts, contact us via email.